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Reference Pose Editor Unreal Engine 4

Edit the reference pose of your skeletal mesh without re-importing from your DCC. Copy references poses from one mesh to another.

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Have you ever imported a piece of content for an existing skeletal mesh/skeleton only to realize the reference pose or transforms are off? Well I have, and it can cause issues like this:

In the above example, the pelvis bone on my mesh had an extra 90 degree rotation that the skeleton we were using didn't have. Now we can fix this easily by copying the reference pose from the existing skeleton to our mesh without re-importing.

How to use

This plugin adds a new button to the Skeletal Mesh Editor toolbar in Persona.

Click it and the options menu will appear.

Method 1

  1. Pose your mesh in the Persona Skeletal Mesh Editor, then click "Set Reference Pose".
  2. Click "Use Current Pose".

Result: The reference skeleton (and/or geometry) of your mesh will be rebuilt to match the current pose.

Method 2

  1. In the Persona Skeletal Mesh Editor, Click "Set Reference Pose".
  2. Select a USkeletalMesh or USkeleton to copy the pose from.
    • They must have compatible skeletons
  3. Click "Copy Selected Asset Pose".

Result: The reference skeleton (or geometry, if selected) of your mesh will be rebuilt to match the reference skeleton pose of the selected.


  • Update Ref skeleton
    • This is checked by default, and is probably what you want. It does not modify your mesh geometry, it only modifies the reference skeleton bone positions.
  • Update Mesh Geometry (Experimental)
    • This is off by default,. It will bake the pose to your mesh by modifying the vertex positions permanently.

Update Mesh Geometry cannot be "undone" without using source control due to the nature of the change to the mesh data.

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