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Example Project

In the example project there are a few test assets to experiment with.

The example project is primarily focused on demonstrating how to use the plugin at runtime.

Example Asset

In the "MorphingMannequin" folder, there is a modified version of the UE4 Mannequin with some basic morph targets on it for experimenting with.

In the same folder, there is a simple "shirt" for the mannequin for experimenting with the morph copy feature. The shirt is already weighted the UE4 Skeleton.

In the "Workspace" folder there is a pre-created MorphTools asset based on the above mannequin.


The most important part of the example project is BP_MorphToolsCharacter. The game mode should already be set to use this character as the default pawn.

The blueprint provides an example of how to set and bake morphs at runtime, as well as how to save the baked mesh to your save game class.

Runtime Bake Example

1. Start playing in PIE

2. Press the B key to bake the morphs

  • This will print the current size, in bytes of the skeletal mesh
  • This will bake morphs based on the already exported runtime preset assigned to the blueprint.
  • The baked mesh will be saved to the "ExampleSave" save game slot

3. Press P to print the size of the skeletal mesh after baking

  • If the size is the same as before, then garbage collection has not run yet.
    • You can press the F key to force UE4 to run its garbage collector
    • Print the size again after waiting a few seconds, the size should be smaller now.