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Frequently asked questions.

Is full source code included?

Yes, all source code is included in the download.

Does this create morph targets from scratch?

No, you can bake existing morphs, or copy morphs from one mesh to another. It cannot create anything from scratch.

How does morph copying work?

The process starts by generating a "proximity map" asset that maps 'N' closest vertices on the source mesh to a given vertex on the target. It then takes either:

  • an average (or weighted average) of N vertex position offsets that are closest on the the source mesh
  • or simply the closest vertex offset

and then applies those calculated offsets to the target as a new morph.

The process works best on meshes that have similar topology. I use it for things like clothing and body morphs. It does NOT work on things like face morphs unless the topology is nearly identical. I plan on implementing UV proximity mapping in the future instead of just 3D position.